Ex Sudan President Omar AL-Bashir charged with corruption

A court in Sudan has charged ousted Bashir head of state with corruption, illicit forex possession.

The former president was formally indicted on Saturday for possessing illicit foreign currency. However, Al-bashir challenged the charges as he was publicly questioned for the first time since his regime was overthrown.

Bashir said that despite haven received $25 million from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and also funds from other sources, he nonetheless had not received or used the money for his own benefit.

A lawyer for Bashir said that his client denied the charges against him and that witnesses for the defense would be presented at the next hearing.

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It was not possible to present the money to the ministry of finance or the central bank because that would have required clarifying the source of the funds, and the Saudi Prince asked that his name should not appear.

A request for bail was denied by the judge, stating that, Bashir had possession of illicit foreign currency which was illegally transferred to him. The Judge also said a decision on the duration of Bashir’s detention would be taken at a hearing on September 7.

The charges against Bashir carry maximum prison sentences of around 10 years.

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