Excursion To Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo. The Land of Three Joseph

Have you heard of the second Amazon on planet earth? No other than Democratic Republic of Congo, located in Central Africa region on the equator.

The second-largest country in Africa after Algeria, Congo’s epithet is the JEWEL OR GEOLOGICAL GARDEN OF AFRICA. A country known for different tropical wildlife, which include but not limited to the mountain gorilla, chimpanzees, elephants, okapi, hippos, white rhino, black mamba, king cobra, zebra, pangolin, monkeys, leopards, lions.

Several civilians killed in eastern DRC by rebel fighters | DR ...
Map DRC, Uganda, Sudan [Al Jazeera]
Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR) accounts for 20 million hectares or 40 percent of 50 million hectares of Africa’s rain forest; in fact, it could be said, the entire rainforest in Africa, which stands at 18 percent of world’s rainforest contribution is located in Central African Region.

Home to 11,000 species of birds; abode to 10,000 plants; a sanctuary to 400 species of animals; in her waters are 700 different types of fish and other forms of aquatic animals with varieties.

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Her woodland is world’s second lung holding 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide in its vegetation, second after the Amazon of Brazil with100 billion tons of carbon dioxide in the world.

The world is losing the battle to save the last tropical forests.

Democratic Republic of Congo is an unusual geographical space; its bowel carry every natural resources you can think about; in her soil are copper, gold, diamond, cobalt, uranium, coltan, oil, tantalum, tin. From her soil were radium and uranium that were so critical to Manhattan project of 1940s sourced.

Democratic Republic of Congo is a home to many historical figures alive or dead; among were Patrice Lumumba, first post-independence prime-minister; Joseph Kasavubu, first president of Congo; Moise Tsombe, secessionist leader from Katanga; Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, a three-time prime minister and Congolese opposition leader; Joseph Mobutu, later known as Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Wa Za Banga, who ruled Congo for 32 years; Laurent-Desire Kabila, Joseph Kabila; and more recently, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

The land of three Joseph. Modern Congo is a land of destiny, from yesterday’s two kingdoms-MBATA in the North and MPEMBA in the South, the Kingdom of Kongo was established in 1375. By means of marriage alliance, a lasting bond was formed. For centuries, MANIKONGO was the king of an empire, whose sphere of influence reached today’s Gabon and Angola until Congo Free State of King Leopold 11 destroyed Bakongo kingdom in the mid-19th century.

Regardless of painful yesterday, in spite of decades of abuses, nonetheless of wars between or among the brothers-let Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kisangani, Kananga, Mbuji-Mayi, Bukavu, Goma, Kolwezi, Mbandaka, Tshikapa, Uvira, be healed by Congo River; let her forest regenerate and heal the land; let Ubangi, Kasai, Lualaba, Lomani, Kwango, Mbomou, Uele, Sankuru, Aruwimi, Luapula, Ebola, Elila, Lopori, Wamba, Kwilu, Semliki, Chiloango, Fimi, Lukuga, Maringa wash your tears away; may the rivers heal the land.

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