Excursion To Africa: Let us Go to Eritrea

Have you ever wondered how big is Africa? Have you ever asked yourself how many people live in Africa? Have you ever asked how many ethnic nationalities are in Africa? Are you satisfied with everyday negative reports by western media on Africa? Is anything good in or about Africa? Or just a bunch of uncivilized people from North to South, east to west, who were later organized by Europeans. Were there civilizations in Africa before the arrival of Europeans?

By means of pictures, images, and visual aids, this author and writer is reconstructing African history.

For decades, he did it by means of poetry, which is hailed all over the African continent.

Now, he has begun another adventure:

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Now let us go to countries and regions to look for African beauties.

We will visit all countries in Africa, then show the world beauties, gorgeousness, glamor, attraction, enchantment, mystique, aesthetics, culture as it relates to social psychology, sociology, spirituality and life on the continent of Africa.

Let us Go to Eritrea.


How much of Eritrea do you know? Just as a war-ravaged country of unbroken thirty-year civil war with Ethiopia? Or a poor country on the fringe corner of Horn of Africa? Eritrea has better stories than what global media will tell you. Eritrea is located on along the coastal Red Sea from Northwest to the south and perhaps, one of the oldest countries on the continent of Africa.

Eritrea is surrounded by contemporary ancient kingdoms-Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti; the capital city is Asmara, some twenty-five miles north of Debarwa, capital of ancient Madri Bahri, whose king held the title: Bahr Negus “King of the Sea.” Debarwa was both a friend and foe to many kingdoms and empires, specifically to Ottoman Empire in 1557, when Ozdemir Pasha invaded Massawa or Mitsiwa, a port city, North of Zula, which later became part of Eyalet of Jedda and Habesh.

Eritrea women

For more than four hundred years (from 1400-1879), which included, Bahr Negus rulership, Kingdom Aksum, Ottoman, and later Italians; Eritrea retained its identity, both the physical and geographical traits.

Let us see what yesterday’s Eritrea bequeathed modern-day Eritrea.

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