Failed military coup in Sudan; soldiers attempted to takeover power

A failed coup attempt occurred early Tuesday morning in Sudan. This occurred as the country is still in the staggering stage of transition after the long-time president, Omar al-Bashir was ousted in 2019.

Reports coming from top government sources stated that the military officers who made the attempted coup d’état were immediately suspended. Interestingly, they could not capture the media state building in the process of their failed attempt.

As a result of this, there has been a close down of some places close to the government house by the security operatives which include the main bridge across the Nile which connects Khartoum to Omdurman. According to some sources, it is reported that there is a smooth traffic in places including army headquarters and Central Khartoum. According to government report, over 40 people has been arrested in relation to the coup.

This development is coming in right after the protest that broke out on Monday. The protesters disrupted movement in Port Sudan, as a result of the peace deal the country had signed with the rebel groups last year. The country has witness sporadic protests for some time which the demonstrators frowned at the skyrocketing cost of living due to reforms supported by the IMF.

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Sudan, the Northeastern country is in a state of transition to full civilian rule after the ousting of Al-Bashir. As a result, the transitional government comprises military personnel and civilians who are believe in jointly working together for the smooth transition since 2019 after the country signed a peace deal last year with an alliance of rebel groups.

Notwithstanding, the country has not recovered from the economic stagnation it has faced after the Bashir administration as well as the various interests and factions who are spearheading the transition process.

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