Family Disagree to bury Robert Mugabe at the National Heroes’ Acre

The burial for founding president of Zimbabwe Roberty Mugabe has been scheduled for Sunday, September 15. Mugabe who was ousted in November 2017 ruled the African nation for 37years.

Whilst the government wants to bury him in the National Heroes’ Acre, the family seems to disagree with this idea. They argue that Mugabe has since had a hassle with the current regime.

Family’s spokesperson Leo Mugabe confirmed that a flight had left Zimbabwe for Singapore on Monday carrying relatives and government officials to bring Mugabe’s body home. The body is expected to arrive in Zimbabwe on Wednesday at 3pm he added.

The former president Robert Mugabe will be buried on Sunday, 15 September in an undetermined location.

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“His remains are expected on Wednesday afternoon (in Zimbabwe). The official funeral is scheduled for Saturday, his funeral will take place on Sunday (next),” President George Charamba. He added that his resting place will be determined by his family.

His family plans to bury him like a chief in his home village, Kutama village, 85 km (50 miles) from Harare. This will be a big reproach to the ruling ZANU-PF party that he helped found and to the President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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