Farmers and Herders clash leaves 11 dead in Chad

Its reported that eleven people were killed in a fight between farmers and herders in Southern Chad on Wednesday. Governor of Chari Abbadi Sahir said the hostilities was a result of a farmer’s animals invading and destroying another farmer’s field.

“When Similar clashes between local farmers and Arab herders led to state of emergency on August 18 in two provinces in the east of the country, I solved the problem and brought the two communities to talk to each other”, said Governor Sahir.

Governor Sahir further stated that fighting in Koumogo township in central Chari province killed two people in the herder’s camp and eight in the farmer’s home. The farmer died in the hospital on Wednesday he said.

A local traditional chief who requested his identity be concealed said a farmer was killed after his field was destroyed by animals and the nomads retaliated by attacking with firearms, killing eight people in the rival’s camp.

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In response to the outbreak of violence, the police have been deployed to restore calm in the area.


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