Father of Ghanaian child prodigy sues London backed ACCA for “racial discrimination”

Frank Asare, a Ghanaian who fathers an 8-year-old smart kid has sued the London backed Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for discrimination against his son on the basis of his race after the child prodigy was denied entry in what would have set a record in the history of the association’s operation.

According to details of the lawsuit provided exclusively to EYEGAMBIA, the kid, Kwadwo Asare passed the Cambridge GCE ‘O’ level examination in Business studies and combined science which ads to intellectual readiness for the ACCA platform. However, he was reportedly denied registration for the exams.


Mr. Frank Asare (the Father) told EYEGAMBIA that, prior to the application on behalf of his son, he researched on the official website of the Global accountancy body to find out the minimum age for applicants. Information on the site which was attached to the lawsuit as evidence said there is no minimum age and that, applicants from Kenya and Malaysia only requires parental consent if they are below 18years. He went ahead to contact the organization to confirm his findings and was told it was accurate.

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The alleged manipulations started when the application was filed. The birth certificate of the kid was demanded for further processing. They went through the processes with payment made to the appropriate account. The kid went on to complete the entire syllabus awaiting the registration to take the exams.

However, the organization in a follow-up mail claimed that, the smart kid was under 13years, contrary to the earlier information provided. Additionally, information on the ACCA website projects a Southampton based ‘white kid’ who started the ACCA program around the age of 10 and finished by age 14; an information which nullifies the “underage” claims.

To defend the educational rights of the child and also safeguard his mental health, the Father filed the suit at the Human right division of the Ghanaian High Court to ensure that his son is registered for the exams he has vividly prepared for. The motion will be moved on Thursday,7th of April 2022 in Accra Ghana. Check some of the exhibits in the suit below:

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