FIFA suspends Ivorian FA’s decision, restores Drogba’s hope of becoming President

Football’s governing body FIFA has suspended decisions taken by the Ivorian Football Association’s Electoral Commission earlier on Thursday, August 27th which disqualified former Chelsea talisman and Ivorian striker Didier Drogba. 

A letter written by FIFA’s Secretary-General, Fatma Samoura, addressed to the commission stated that “Pending your documents and information, we invite you to suspend all actions relating to the electoral process until further notice”.

According to FIFA, there are suspicions of external influence in the ongoing electoral process which could undermine its outcome; “Some say that the commission has been prevented from exercising its activities in total calm and an independent manner because of outside interference,” FIFA’s letter stated.

The Ivorian Electoral Commission earlier ruled Didier Drogba out of the FA’s Presidential race on eligibility grounds; According to the Commission’s ruling, Drogba failed to meet the set criterion to run in the upcoming fiercely contested position as President of the Ivory Coast Football Federation (FIF).

The following provisions were outlined by the commission to have been breached by the retired player leading to his disqualification from the race.

Each aspirant was expected to get the backing of three top-flight local clubs in the country; however, Drogba was reported to have been endorsed by only two clubs.

Moreover, the names submitted by the former Chelsea star as sponsors were ruled out with the commission stating that they lack the authorization to act in that regard. 

The celebrated veteran footballer was rejected alongside Paul Koffi Kouadio with Diabate and Yacine Idriss Diallo being the two main aspirants in good shape for the election set for September 5th, 2020.

FIFA will have to assess the requested documents, conduct an independent investigation for the election to be given a green light.

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