African Union holds discussions with Madagascar over COVID-19 herbal medicine

Finally, the African Union (AU) is doing what many expected of the body for a long time. According to a release sighted on the official website of the African Union, the body is said to be in discussions with Madagascar over the newly discovered herbal remedy for COVID-19.

The country was contacted through its embassy in Addis Ababa. Per the report, AU is demanding technical data regarding the safety and efficiency of COVID-ORGANICS as claimed by the Madagascan officials to be effective for prevention and treatment of COVID19.

In an earlier meeting held between the AU Commissioner for Social Affairs H.E Amira ElFadil and Mr. Eric Randrianantoandro, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Republic of Madagascar, it was agreed that the member state would furnish African Union with all the necessary details regarding the herbal remedy.

According to the procedure, the scientific data the AU will gather from its member state, Madagascar will be handed over to the Africa Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for review using global technical and ethical norms to ascertain the scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of the traditional medicine.

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The decision is long overdue. Moving forward, we expect the African Union to be very proactive in dealing with issues of relevance to the continent rather than a reactionary approach that leaves individual member states vulnerable to external bullying.

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COVID-organics: Africa’s first herbal cure for Coronavirus.
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