First group of Afghan evacuees arrives in Uganda

Afghan evacuees arrive in Uganda, where they will be given temporary refuge, government and diplomatic officials say.

Uganda reached an agreement with the United States last week to receive 2,000 Afghanistan refugees following a total takeover of the country by the Taliban fighters.

“The Government of the Republic of Uganda this morning received Fifty One (51) evacuees from Afghanistan who arrived aboard a privately chartered flight at the Entebbe International Airport,” says the foreign ministry.

The move follows a request from the US government to temporarily host “at-risk” Afghan nationals, the ministry says.

The Afghan Taliban seized control of the country mid this month after a series of deadly attacks on government forces.

Afghanistan citizens woke up to a different world order last Sunday as Taliban fighters took over the country within hours, creating a chaotic scene. Series of videos from credible local and international media shows desperate Afghans trooping national airport in Kabul to flee the country. Evacuation plans are in place, moving both locals and foreign diplomats to safety.

The US embassy in Uganda has thanked Uganda for its “generosity and hospitality toward these communities” It says the Government of Uganda and the Ugandan people have a “long tradition of welcoming refugees and other communities in need.”

According to the United Nations, Uganda has one of the world’s biggest refugee populations, with over 1.5 million displaced people.

The majority reside in vast refugee camps in the sparsely populated north of the nation, although there are about 81,000 urban refugees in Kampala, the country’s capital. However, aid organizations have frequently stated that the international response to refugees in Uganda is inadequate.

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