First President to Serve A Full Term in Guinea Bissau Promised to Respect Election Results

The people of Guinea-Bissau are sovereign and I will respect the verdict of the ballot box,” President Jose Mario Vas

The President of Guinea Bissau Jose Mario Vas on Sunday promised to respect the outcome of the Sunday presidential election in Bissau. Praised for his strong but democratic leadership, Mario Vas has repeatedly told the people of Guinea that, his hands won’t be “stain with the blood” of any Guinean.

Since the former Portuguese colony gained independence in 1974, only Jose Mario Vas completed his first term without assassination attempt, or a coup in the trouble West African Nation, despite strong criticism against his inability to revive the economic.

“In the past 16 years, Guinea Bissau has experienced two coups, a civil war, an attempted coup, and a presidential assassination by the military”

The 700,000 voters are choosing from eleven (11) other candidates against the incumbent.
Ex- Prime Minister, Domingos Simoes Pereira, who was fired to join the list of five (5) other Prime Ministers under Mario Vas’ presidency, and now closest contender also promised to respect the verdict of the People of Bissau, while describing the elections as “crucial for future of the country”.

The election observers from the regional block ECOWAS, led by the former Prime Minister of Mali, Soumeylou Maiga, earlier today issued a statement describing the Sunday polls as “Peaceful and warmth” while urging the candidates to “accept the will of the people of Guinea-Bissau ” and ” any dispute Be made inside the legal painting”

No candidate is expected to win in the first round of the election; a runoff is thus expected for December 29, 2019.

Guinea Bissau is still faced with lot of challenges, with its security highly engaged in drug traffic in West Africa and beyond.

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