Fix your electoral problems before you give us lectures; Ugandan government to US

Spokesperson for the Ugandan Government, Mr. Ofwono Opondo has called on the government of the United States to focus on and resolve issues of electoral fraud in their own backyard before meddling in their affairs.

“In the meantime, the US government better fix its own elections where, according to President Donald Trump, even the dead voted[..],” Mr Ofwono was quoted by State-linked media outlet, New Vision.

His comment was in response to demands by the US government for Uganda to probe into electoral violence and irregularities reported during the January 2021 election. 

The US government earlier said, “Uganda’s January 14 general elections were marred by election irregularities and abuses by the government’s security services against opposition candidates and members of civil society. We strongly urge independent, credible, impartial and thorough investigations into the incidents.” This was the main trigger for Mr. Ofwono’s response.

The election results extending the terms of the country’s long-serving President, Yoweri Museveni has been criticized by many, including the main opposition leader, Robert Kyagulnyi Ssentamu known popularly as Bobi Wine who filed a petition at the Supreme Court but later withdrew the suit citing biases from the courts. Bobi said he prefer the “court of public opinion” judging the case instead. 

The government however maintained that, the election was void of irregularities even though there were glare evidence of civilian and media personnel abuse and internet shutdown. 

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