For Afrocentric content creators and media houses, ‘Post Limitations’ is a major challenge

African content creators, especially those who produce reports on politics, development and Afrocentric content in general have over the years shared a common problem. That is post limitation which prevents their contents from reaching their audience. At worst, not even 50% of their organic followers get the chance to view or engage with these contents.

Aside from being a victim, EYEGAMBIA has for the past years been receiving complaints from many content creators, media and Pan-African groups concerning post Limitations from social media platforms.

Most of these platforms implement measures that not only whip African creators into some kind of order but also restrict certain contents of which over 90% of Africa’s history comes with elements that fall within such restriction zones.

Based on our investigations, some of the limited contents are merely historical facts, Pan-African political and social views that sometimes contradict Eurocentric perspectives but are not necessarily wrong or evil in their own right.

The fact is that African creators cannot tell their true stories without reference to the colonial past, a content that is almost 100% brutal in nature. The treatment of slaves alone is horrible by all standards. However, these are the kinds of content social media platforms restrict.

Afrocentric content creator

The new norm is that Pan-African content creators are forced to either compromise on these historical facts or report stories in a way that does not breach the terms of these platforms just to keep their respective media outlets running.

At EYEGAMBIA, we believe in fairness. Social media platforms must have a second look at their restriction criteria to help Pan-African creators to tell their raw stories in order to sustain the history. 

The main threat in the current censorship formula is that it will end up hurting Africa’s history in the long term. The next generation will be socialized to accept a compromised history if the issue of continuous post limitation is not resolved. The truth is, the social media platforms must find ways to understand African political voices and view the same as they do to Western political ideologies.

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