France says Russia is plundering Mali’s resources in exchange for protection

The dealings of France and its allies in the Sahel has always been associated with exploitation, especially of the resources in various African countries under the guise of “helping to fight insecurity;” an allegation they have denied severally.

However, a revelation by Jean-Yves Le Drian, the foreign minister for France has given credence to this age-long accusation against the foreign troops in Africa. The Minister has accused Russia for plundering the resources of Mali in exchange of protection of the Military government.

“They are already at the moment helping themselves to the country’s resources in exchange for protecting the junta. They are despoiling Mali,” the Minister told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper on Sunday, adding that, “we are speaking to our partners to see what kind of response”.

This has raised a lot of concerns. Political thinkers are posting questions of whether France and its allies who operated in the Sahel for many years prior to the arrival of the Russians were equally masquerading under the “provision of security” to exploit resources in these countries?

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France which had about 5,100 troops in the Sahel is currently at loggerheads with Mali’s Military government who recently told the French government to keep its “colonial flexes” to itself. The Leadership has openly called bluffs on France and allies by ordering the withdrawal of Danish troops and also forcing a German plane to divert its route.

Amidst this standoff, Russia which is just entering the picture of the rush for Africa keeps finding ways to establish firm relationships with the countries. What do you think about this new revelation?

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