France, Western allies condemn Russia for deploying Wagner mercenaries in Mali

France, UK, and other western allies released a statement condemning Russia for deploying the Wagner mercenary group to join the fight against insurgents in Mali. The group of 15 western powers said they “firmly condemn the deployment of mercenary troops on Malian territory.”

The action of the group is however in contradiction with the interest of the African leaders who engage the Wagner in Fighting insecurity in their regions. The leadership of Central African Republic for instance which is at loggerheads with the EU for engaging the Wagner claimed they have so far seen some improvement in security issues since their engagement.

Meanwhile, in the joint statement which was released on Thursday December 23rd, 2021 the coalition of western powers including Canada, Germany, France and the UK said “this deployment can only further deteriorate the security situation in West Africa, lead to an aggravation of the human rights situation in Mali (and) threaten the agreement for peace and reconciliation in Mali.”

“We are aware of the involvement of the Russian Federation government in providing material support to the deployment of the Wagner group in Mali and call on Russia to revert to a responsible and constructive behaviour in the region.” The statement added.

The western allies further said they thought Mali should rather use its scarce resources to support the security forces than pay mercenary groups. However, some of these Western countries are found complicit by political analyst for having arrangements with Mali which equally drain the resources of the country.

Other commentators failed to comprehend why Western countries seem to be more concerned about happenings in Africa than the people themselves, as well as regional bodies like the African Union.

The European Union earlier sanctioned the Wagner mercenary group with accusations of human right violations. Earlier on, the EU withdrew its training mission in Central African Republic for engaging the mercenaries in the fight against terrorists. What do you think about the development?

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