French airstrike killed at least 4 civilians in Burkina Faso

At least Four Burkinabe civilians reportedly died following an airstrike by the French forces in the country on Saturday. A communique from the troops says the attack was launched against jihadists in the region.

The post-operation report from the army command claimed that, about 40 jihadists were killed during the attack which ended up affecting civilians.

The statement said, “unfortunately, despite all the measures taken by the Barkhane (French) force and by the unit engaged on the ground, four civilians, present in the terrorist camp, lost their lives during the exchange of fire.”

The incident has generated some criticisms from the residents of the country, especially at the backdrop of a general campaign for the withdrawal of French troops from the Sahel region.

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France has over 5,000 soldiers, operating in the Sahel region in the Barkhane deployment for many years now. Following series of standoffs in the Sahel, especially with Mali, the French government said it may consider withdrawing troops from Mali but will remain in the Sahel.

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