French-backed Guinean President seeks to extend power in a referendum amid coronavirus pandemic

The President of Guinea Conakry, 81 old Alpha Conde is seeking to extend his stay in power in a referendum held on Sunday amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The latest numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that Africa has 572 confirmed cases and 12 deaths. Guinea Conakry registers two (2) of the 572 cases. However, the government insisted that the controversial election that, was earlier postponed on the 1st of March due to civil disobedience would go ahead despite calls from the opposition for its suspension citing this time some health risks.

The second term of the incumbent will end in December thus, his bid for a third term will be decided by the 5 million voters registered in the West African nation.

Conde came to power in 2010 as the first democratically elected president in Guinea, winning his second mandate in 2015 but has ever since ran out of favor with the public opinion who viewed him as an authoritarian ruler.

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Calls for demonstration by the National Front for the Defence of the Constitution, a civil movement that led previous demonstrations in Guinea have since been ineffective, with few attacks on polling stations by angry young people, which were quickly repealed by government forces.

The referendum is seeking among others to reset with the term limits to allow the Conde seek for another term. The government has not disputed this claim by the opposition. Tensions are high in Conakry. The results from yesterday’s poll could see the country descend into civil unrest.

Alpha Conde is largely considered a friend of Emanuel Marcon of France, and so far all calls for France to exert pressure on its counterpart have fallen on deaf ears.

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