French national emerges first coronavirus patient in Senegal

A French national whose name is not yet known has emerged the first victim of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) in Senegal after he was tested positive.

The man who was tested with the virus shortly after traveling to Senegal from France on Saturday via Air Senegal, IGFM, is now at the Institut Pasteur in Dakar in isolation.

The shocking news comes few hours after President Macky Sall called an emergency meeting to discuss the virus.

And Senegal comes fourth African countries after Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria to confirm Coronavirus.

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Meanwhile, the news also triggered growing fear in The Gambia as the country’s health ministry deployed 11 health officials to Banjul International Airport as screeners to help deter the spread of the virus. The ministry also announced extending such measures to every border post of the country.

Sanna Sambou coordinator of epidemiology and disease control at the ministry told journalists in a news conference: “We almost have eleven people assigned for at airport alone likewise all the other borders have been supplied with minimum stock of materials and the IPC equipment to be able to continue what they are doing.”

“At our points of entries, the borders; the airport and seaport are very key here because we expected corona to be imported via the airport. So, this is why we are doing possible effort to make sure we strengthen the airport as possible,” he said.

According to him, the virus is widely expected to spread easily through the airport as a ban on international travel has not yet been effected by the country.

According to WHO, 80,000 cases have so far been recorded which has killed over 3,000 people worldwide.

Coronavirus emerged in China last year and thousands have so far succumbed, leaving thousands of others infected with the virus.

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