French PM accuses President Emmanuel Macron of worsening Cameroon conflict for personal interests

 French Independent Member of Parliament, Sebastien Nadot, representing Haute Garonne has today told DW Africa that President Emmanuel Macron is worsening the crisis in Cameroon due to what he considers “personal reasons”. The law marker is infuriated by the continuous show of indifference by the administration of President Macron in addressing the crisis.  

The Anglophone Crisis, also known as the Ambazonia War, or the Cameroonian Civil War, in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon started in 2016 when lawyers and teachers took to the streets of Buea and Bamenda to protest the domination of French in Anglophone courts and schools system.  

While policies in the education and judicial systems created the fertile ground for the emergence and violent radicalization of those with grievances, the current Anglophone crisis is largely a manifestation of frustration arising from both real and perceived discrimination and marginalization of the English-speaking minority of Cameroon. Social disparities due to the centralization of power in Yaoundé, far from Anglophone regions have been highlighted by analysis as a major cause of the conflict. 

Sébastien Nadot maintains that President Macron has shown no interest in returning peace in Cameroon, and has continued to support the government in violating the rights of the civilians in the English-Speaking region of the North-West and South-West of Cameroon country. According to him, the atrocities committed in Cameroon is inexplicable, the least of worries to the French President.

The MP, equally accused President Paul Biya of being incapable of bringing the conflict to an end, arguing that he lacks the basic ability to bring the opposing parties to the table for the commencement of genuine talks to end the conflict. 

Asked if France has what is required to end the war but is unwilling to do so, he responded “of course, France could facilitate the necessary discussion to the conflict against the English speaking region”.   

According to him, France and all the international community either has something to do or not to do with Cameroon or must therefore step in to end the conflict. “There is no worldwide desire to mobilize forces, to end the conflict” He decried.  

The conflict in Cameroon has been dubbed the “world most neglected conflict”

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