French President, Emmanuel Macron’s call for social media regulation met with fierce criticism

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron has called for international regulation of social media and also criticized tech giants for allowing their platforms to be used to spread ideological extremism in Western democracies. However, his call for regulation has been met with fierce criticism on grounds of biases.

The President who was speaking to the international media for the first time since he contracted coronavirus made reference to the unfortunate incident that occurred in the United States where Trump supporters invaded the capitol and disrupted ongoing Electoral College proceedings.
In chastising the tech giants, Macron stated that, social media platforms should have stopped the outgone US president, Donald Trump long before he caused such damages to the American democracy.

“All those who allowed President Trump to succeed waited until they were entirely sure that he had no power left then wrap themselves in dignity and now say ‘Let’s take away his whistle.’” Macron said, questioning further that, “Why didn’t they shut down his accounts before all this happened?
Emmanuel Macron who looked concerned about how social media made it possible for such stain on America’s democracy and other unfavorable occurrences in western countries to be exposed has called for a regulation of these platforms; the President who claimed his country is equally suffering from the supposed excesses of these platforms stated that, “this is an issue for real international regulation.”

However, his demand for regulation has been met with fierce criticism; critics considered his demand as a very bias one informed by the ideology of supremacy.

When Facebook earlier identified and suspended accounts allegedly created by those the company referred to as “individuals associated with French military” whom were operating as troll companies churning out fake news to promote misinformation in the Central African Republic in 2020, Macron did not make such demand for regulation. Does regulation only come in when the Superpowers are at a disadvantage?

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