French troops used drones to illegally spy on Mali – Authorities say

Authorities in Mali have on Tuesday said in a statement that French troops operating in the Sahel used a drone to illegally spy on the country’s armed forces. The military government further said France is equally guilty of what it termed “subversion”

The statement which was signed by the government’s spokesman, Abdoulaye Maiga stated that, the drone operated by French troops flew over the Gossi base just a day after French forces handed the site over to Mali.

The government added that, “the said a drone was present…to spy on our brave FAMa (Malian Armed Forces).”

“In addition to the spying, French forces were guilty of subversion by publishing false images worked up to accuse the FAMa of responsibility of killing civilians, with the aim of tarnishing their image,” the statement further said.

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The Military government however said it is investigating a mass grave spotted around the premises of Gossi base where the French forces operated before their departure.

France has since denied responsibility for the mass killing with claims that Malian forces and Russia’s Wagner planted the grave to tarnish their image.

According to Mali, the decaying state of the bodies seen at the site proves that, they have been kept for a while, ruling out the possibility of that crime being committed by Malian armed forces. Investigation is still ongoing and we will follow closely and provide the necessary update.

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