Frequent Gas explosions: Time for Nigeria to implement drastic measures

According to Nigerian authorities, a recent explosion that occurred in Lagos leaves at least 15 people dead, many injured and around 50 buildings destroyed.

In a statement, Ibrahim Farinloye, the spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency disclosed that, “Fifteen bodies have been recovered, including a whole family of four who were heading to church before they were cut short in the explosion,”.

Gas explosion is however not new to Nigeria as a country. It could be remembered that at least 45 people were killed and more than 100 others injured in central Nigeria in July last year after a petrol tanker exploded as people gathered around to siphon fuel from it.

It has become a regular occurrence that does not only result in loss of revenue. Anytime it happens, many people lose their lives with a huge number of the victims recording various degrees of grievous injuries.

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Nigeria: Fuel tanker on fire

The causes of this phenomenon emerge from a range of factors. Some of the explosions result from terrorism which they mostly own up to whilst others happen as a result of accidents, unidentified technical faults, attempted smuggling or theft of gas or petrol and the lack of adequate knowledge in the handling of Gas.

The figures recorded from damages over the years is too much to be ignored. The leadership must put in all the necessary measures to protect lives, properties and also help seal the revenue loopholes.

A master plan must be developed and implemented to help relocate Gas stations from residential areas, reposition pipes that transport petrol and Gass. There must be frequent education to help people understand the need to quickly report faults, those who handle Gas must equally be equipped with the required knowledge and finally, maximum security services must be implored with a punitive system attached to help prevent theft and deliberate torching of gas pipes.

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