Gambia: Riot in Serekunda Market anti-crime accused of killing a man

There is great tension in Gambia’s major business center, Serekunda market. 
Police are using tear gas on the rioting civilians in an attempt to dis-pass the crowd and defuse the tension after coming under attack from the angry people. 
“The Anti-crime unit killed a mate of ours in the market, he has done nothing wrong but they killed him in cold blood,” a man told our reporter. 
The deceased, Ousman, was said to have been caught in a black market trade by the anti-crime and reportedly taken to the SereKunda police station which is just a minute walk from the black market, he was detained overnight and released in the morning only to die hours later. 
The causes of his death has not been determined yet and no statement from the police has been released to explain what transpired before and during his apprehension and detention. The protesters are trying to enter the police station, this has prompted the police to deploy more security men with guns in the area to put bring the situation under control. Cars are restricted around the area and shops are closed.
Ousman was a mobile phone and accessories seller in the market, shop 147. Some members of the market association have gone to the Anti-crime unit office to hold talks with the authorities regarding this matter.
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Angry youths burned car tires around Kerr Serigne Junction as they march towards Police Anti Crime headquarters in Bijilo to demand justice in the reported death of a Sierra Leonean national.