Gambian encroachers want to occupy my land illegally – British claimant fumes

A British claimant who has been fighting for a parcel of land located in Tranquil for decades now has described some homeowners who are citizens of the Gambia as encroachers who want to occupy his land illegally.

According to Mr. Bernd George Diedrich, he is the rightful owner of the property and has gone through a legal tussle to secure ownership. “This case has gone through all the courts, starting from 2005, which have confirmed me as the rightful owner,” he wrote.

The current difficulty is that the homeowners have spent millions of dollars to acquire and develop the land and are not willing to lose their investment. 

However, according to the background of the story, the claimant made an earlier attempt to take over the land during the days of the Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh, stating that he secured the land decades ago for Agricultural purposes.

The then President offered an alternative land to prevent the eviction of the homeowners who spent so much to develop the land. Reports have it that the claimant refused the offer and insisted on taking the same land; a request Yahya Jammeh refused to grant. 

In his current rebuttal, Mr. George Bernd alleged that “the encroachers had relied on the corrupt regime under Jammeh and now they are crying again for the Government to sanction their illegal acquisition of my land from criminal Real Estate Agents.”

He has reportedly secured judgment under the Adama Barrow administration. With the aid of the police, they are in the process of evicting the homeowners for the British to take the land.

Some of the residents stated during an interview that the Gambia is their home country and they will not allow any foreigner to take away their property. A resident stated that it is unacceptable to have a Gambian evicting a fellow Gambian “based on some white man’s story.”
What do you think about this new development?

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