Gambian Opposition Leader Swallows his Vomits before the Media

In what many analysts described as a disparate shift to disrupt the “Coalition” government of Adama Barrow, sluggish Gambian opposition leader and rucksack Vice President Ousainou Darboe has announced the biggest U-Turn in the political history of The Gambia, calling for the resignation of the current President, Adama Barrow to honor a provisional term in the “Coalition Memorandum of Understanding” which brought him (President Barrow) to power in 2016. This extensively contracts Mr. Darboe’s previous position when he was in government.

The 71 old Darboe came from the same political party with the current President. The two ran out of favor last year, which saw the sacking of Mr. Darboe, Ministers and other officials from the United Democratic Party.

We are asking Barrow to fulfill his promises he made to the Gambian electorates,” Darboe told the Press.

Earlier in 2016, Darboe threatens to sue anyone who attempted to force the President to honor the promise he made to The Gambians to serve a transitional three (3) years term.

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When pressed on his previous statement on the matter, Mr. Darboe struggled to convince a child, arguing his previous statement was “personal” and that the latter is that of the party.

Amidst planned protest to oust President Adama Barrow in December, Gambians are divided over the question whether or not the President should continue his five (5) years constitutional term limits or honor campaign promise to serve for three years. President Barrow has so far made his intentions clear, not to honor it.

Gambians on all media outlets have since continued to express deep disappointment over the inconsistency and seemingly egocentric character of the political leader, Mr. Darboe.

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