German media, DW Africa faces backlash after its writer called Magufuli a “tyrant”

German media outlet, Deutsche Welle, known shortly as DW Africa has faced several backlash following what its followers referred to as “bias media reportage” and the consistent use of their platform to push negative news about Africa and its leaders.

The latest line of reports which attracted outrage from their disgruntled followers was the way they have been reporting the demise of John Magufuli. Many of their African followers formed the opinion that the platform’s headlines appeared as a mere ‘propaganda machinery’ on a mission to defame the long built reputation of the president, now deceased.

A recent article published by the platform, written by an African called Abu Bakarr Jalloh which disappointingly referred to Magufuli as a “tyrant” drew widespread dissent from well-meaning Africans who trooped to the page to register their displeasure unreservedly. 

From the content, the writer pushed many false statements, including the creation of the impression that journalists throughout Africa, Tanzania especially get arrested for voicing out legitimate opinions. Additionally, he claimed against available factual evidence of the extent of development programs undertaken by the former president that, “magufuli peddled the illusion of development and progress that could easily disappear once he is gone.”

Faced with the influx of criticisms and disappointments from their followers, the platform said those were the opinions of the writers and equally pointed out their disclaimers and guidelines. However, some of the followers asked critical questions about how posts they referred to as “bias” and “derogatory” towards Africa made it through their editorial checks.

Have you been reading content from DW Africa? How do find their way of reporting?

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