Germany is set to make amends for colonial atrocities in Namibia

German authorities have revealed that the country is almost close to making amends with Namibia over the mass killing of thousands of people during its colonial rule in the Southern African country.

This was announced by the spokeswoman of the German Foreign Ministry, Andrea Sasse who had an encounter with reporters in Berlin.

Initial bilateral foundations were laid in 2015 where Germany disclosed that, it held “future-oriented reappraisal of German colonial rule.” Accounting for the recent talks, Andrea told reporters that, “We are in the home stretch on this issue,” adding that negotiations have been “very constructive” so far.

The genocide which struck Namibia took the lives of about 65,000 Herero people. Additionally, at least 10,000 Nama people were also killed and an unknown number of San people equally died.

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The mass murder occured after these locals rebelled against colonial rule. Whilst some were killed in battle, forced labour, sexual abuse etc, a large number of deaths were recorded through hunger and thirst after the German forces forced them into the desert without food and water.

Over a century now, the Namibian government is seeking reparations for the lands stolen by Germany and also the lives lost. Germany has agreed and shows signs of readiness to pay. This grand massacre occurred between a period of 1904 to 1907.

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