Germany refuse to withdraw troops from Mali over the presence of Russia’s Wagner

The scramble for Africa continues as Germany refuses to withdraw its armed troops from West African country, Mali over the presence of Russia’s Wagner.

German defense minister, Christine Lambrecht made this known in a recent interview whilst calling out the Malian government over the engagement of Russia.

“We will not back down, we will not make it that easy for the Russians,” Christine said, adding that, “Moscow will not succeed in getting the West to retreat quasi automatically everywhere Russia does not want to see us by sending mercenaries.”   

Addressing the Malian government, Lambrecht said, “If you want the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) in the country, then you also have to make sure that the conditions are right.”

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“I will make it very clear to the Malian government that it also cannot be that elections are suspended for five years or that it cooperates with mercenaries who are guilty of serious human rights violations,” she said concerning the 5-year election proposals made by the Junta.

The German government has deployed about 1,200 troops to Mali who are said to be part of European Union Training Mission (EUTM) as well as the United Nations (U.N) peace keeping mission.

Aside the presence of German soldiers, the former colonialist, France also has thousands of its soldiers in Mali. The massive presence of the West seems to be like a cold fight for dominance of the territory of Mali and the Sahel region.

The newly found interest in Russia and the deployment of the Wagner in African regions, especial Mali and the Sahel was met with opposition from a coalition of Western allies and the European Union which imposed sanctions on the group.

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