Germany Set To Return Looted Benin Bronzes Back To Nigeria

The colonial era was recorded with many inhumane treatments of Africans, of which some may be unprintable. Some damages included the forceful exportation or what some would call looting of the precious artifacts. These artifacts are beyond just artwork; they have become part of our culture as a people.

There has been a serious call for the return of these artifacts from different quarters in recent years. Days ago, Germany announced plans to return artifacts that were looted in the colonial times back to Nigeria in 2022.

The British army took the Benin bronze from the Great Benin kingdom during their exploitation of the ancient kingdom in 1897. These artifacts were later distributed and scattered to many parts of the world, including Germany. The German culture minister, Monika Grütters considers it as a historic milestone.

Speaking further on this development, she said, “We face a historic and moral responsibility to shine a light on Germany’s colonial past. We would like to contribute to an understanding and reconciliation with the descendants of the people who were robbed of their cultural treasures during the colonial”

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This recent development by the German Ministry of Culture on Thursday came after a loud outcry from Nigeria after many decades of the demands for their return. Heavier waves of restitution of Africa’s precious artifacts are expected to sweep across Europe and any other part of the world where Africa’s heritage is unlawfully kept

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