Ghana Election: Electoral Commission explains delays in declaration

Prior to the December 7th election in Ghana, the Ghanaian Electoral Commission (EC) promised the citizenry that results of the election shall be declared within 24hours after close of polls.

However, the Commission has since missed the set time for the declaration breeding suspense and baseless speculations from both political divides. There were instances where both parties have openly declared that they have either won the Presidential election or majority seats in Parliament; a situation which has created some confusion among the party supporters.

In a brief meeting with the media around 12:00 am on December 9th, the Electoral Commission chair, Madam Jean Mensah and her team explained some of the reasons leading to the delays.

She stated in response to a question by a media person demanding to know some of the bottlenecks that results from two constituencies are still outstanding. 

According to her explanation, Ghana has 16 Regions and the EC is supposed to be furnished with regional reports per the electoral arrangement and not that of individual constituencies. In effect, if one constituency has a problem, results of the entire region will be delayed.

Secondly, the chair stated that there was a plus1 (+1) over voting somewhere in the north of which there was a demand for annulment of the results leading to a long discussion all day. 

According to the electoral laws of Ghana, any constituency that records an over vote will have their results annulled. The EC chair did not clarify what happened to that particular results after the broader stakeholder consultation.

It is expected that the Electoral Commission will soon declare the results of the polls. Stay tuned:

Ghana election update:

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