Ghana: How state Military protects Chinese illegal miners to deplete forest reserves

A documentary produced by JoyNews, a credible Ghanaian media outlet revealed a damning report of how state military officers are protecting Chinese illegal miners whilst restricting the locals from engaging in same activity.

The current government of Ghana has since 2017 taken strong measures to put an end to illegal mining which is termed “Galamsey” in the Ghanaian local dialect. This has seen a drastic campaign which led to the arrest, prosecution and jail terms issued to the locals who engage in such activities that depletes forest reserves and also results in revenue losses to the state.

However, the locals have raised concerns that top government officials and Chinese miners rather took over the same illegal activities whilst preventing them from doing so; these concerns were confirmed in earlier and current documentaries. Reports by the news team indicated that, state security which is supposed to be fighting against illegal mining were rather seen protecting Chinese illegal miners.

A team of police officers and journalists conducted a search in one of the areas prone to these activities and arrested seven Chinese nationals; upon searching their residence in the bush, military uniforms were found with names of officers written on them.

“While conducting the search, a young military officer drove into the compound in a pick-up truck. He started making some calls to his superiors. Within 30 minutes, the entire place was crawling with over thirty angry armed military men. For hours, members of the taskforce were surrounded and prevented from moving their vehicles by armed soldiers and a backup from heavily built men who are members of a vigilante group, Delta Force.” The team said.

The military together with the heavily built men succeeded in getting the Chinese released, assaulted the journalists and also deleted all footages from their cameras. The team however retrieved the footages from their formatted drives and produced this damning report below:

Watch the Video

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