Ghana: Lawmaker demands repatriation of foreign diplomats as securities shut-down LBGTQIA+ office

Ghana: Lawmakers demands repatriation of foreign diplomats as securities shut-down LBGTQIA+ office

Current updates on this development is that the country’s securities shut down an LGBTQIA+ office illegally created in Accra following calls from religious bodies, politicians, a considerable number of Ghanaian citizens and civil society organizations.

Prior to the closure, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference released a strong statement demanding the Government to close down the LGBTQI office; additionally, the association made a “call upon the President of the Republic and Parliament to state unambiguously their position on the matter of homosexuality and its practice in Ghana.” They said further that, “we also urge the Executive and the Legislature never to be cowed down or to succumb to the pressure to legalize the rights of LGBTQIs in Ghana.”

The office has since been closed; however a Member of Parliament, Sam George is demanding the repatriation of foreign envoys such as the Australian high commissioner, Gregory Andrews, Danish Ambassador Tom Nørring and other diplomats who defied the laws of Ghana to attend the illegal opening of the LGBTQ+ office.

Speaking during a TV interview, the Minister said, “I have gone out publicly to demand that the foreign ministry summons and issues either a strong warning or an expulsion notice to the Australian Ambassador, the Danish Ambassador and the Rep of the EU in Ghana because the letters of credence they presented to HE President Akufo-Addo when they were nominated by their respective countries to come and serve in Ghana mandates them to respect the laws of Ghana”.

He added that, “we will not allow anybody to bring homosexuality or love with animals into our country and tell us it is a right- It is not a right. It is a mental disorder, our law says it is illegal, you Don’t have a right.

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