Ghana: Opposition party drags government to the UN for tribal discrimination

The Secretary-General of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, revealed in an interview on a local radio station, Kasapa FM, that his party has dragged the ruling government to the United Nations.

The case was filed on grounds of ethnic profiling and discrimination by way of denying people of the ewe tribe, their true citizenship as Ghanaians and the use of the military to prevent them from exercising their constitutional right to register and vote.

“What we’ve realized is that the Akufo-Addo government is embarking on ethnic profiling and discriminating against one tribe when you speak a particular language(Ewe) you’re declared non-Ghanaian,” the party’s General Secretary said in an interview.

“This is a very serious issue which shouldn’t be toyed with the same thing is happening in Rohingya. It is a condemnable international crime and so as I speak to you, the NDC has reported the matter to the United Nations (UN),” he added.

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According to him, the UN demanded a concrete evidence to back the report hence his decision to visit areas where the military was deployed to engage in such actions. “So when I was arguing with the Soldiers I told them my coming to this area is to collect evidence so they should bear it in mind and put themselves on alert that whatever they’ll say will be tended as evidence. God being so good, I took videos of the happenings and so I have the evidence that I need to provide to the UN,” Asiedu Nketia added.

Per their submission, the UN will take time to access the evidence in relation to the reported case and take a decision on whether there is a need to give it a trial.

The ruling government has however denied such allegations stating that the deployment was done to prevent non-Ghanaians from neighboring countries from registering in the ongoing registration process. The current defense Minister, Domic Nitiwul who gave a breakdown on the deployment argued it is a fair process.

“I am giving you these statistics for you to know that there’s no agenda against a particular tribe… there’s no agenda of the government of Ghana against any particular tribe… I want to urge the people who are going on that particular tangent to drop it. It doesn’t help us” the defense minister stated.

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