Ghanaian artist, Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s work recalls the evil of slavery

African youth are finding innovative ways to represent the atrocities of the slave trade and colonial history as pressure mounts for reparations to be paid to former colonies. Ghanaian artiste and cultural activist, Kwame Akoto-Bamfo is one of the latest people to give a pictorial representation of what the black slaves underwent with many drowning in the Atlantic Ocean as they were transported from Africa to the West. He termed it Ancestor Project which portrays the travails of his ancestors with the coming of the white men.

Kwame Akoto- Bamfo’s art also represents the Africans that were either kidnapped, imprisoned or forced into slavery. His artworks go on to tell a story of how the African society was before the advent of colonization and slavery which ravaged it to the very foundation; a scar they are yet to recover from.

His Ancestor projector was created to educate and enlighten people about African heritage. His outdoor artwork which is majorly dedicated to the numerous victims of the transatlantic slave trade is showcased at the National Memorial for Peace and justice located in Montgomery, Alabama.  In passing across his message, he uses the ancient Akan tradition created with the portrait of the dead.  

Apart from the historical relevance of these artworks, the young man is helping Africans to better relate with and appreciate the realities of the kind of brutal treatment the ancestry was subjected to.

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