Ghanaian Lawmaker fires back at British MP who attacked him on Twitter over new LGBTQ+ bill

One Ghanaian lawmaker named Sam George, who led the group that introduced a new bill prohibiting the practice and promotion of LGBTTQQIAAP+ in Ghana, engages in an online feud with a British politician. According to the lawmakers, the bill is aimed to protect children and Ghanaian family values. 

The new bill has attracted criticism from many western groups and politicians; British MP Seb Dance came out to attack the Ghanaian lawmaker on a Twitter thread, “I hope you come to your senses,” and reconsider the bill.

However, the Ghanaian lawmaker quickly fired back as he reminded the British politician about the criminalization of Polygamy in the UK. Sam told Seb that “ I would be glad when you and your fellow MEPs come to your senses and legalize polygamy”. He further challenges Seb to show him the common sense behind the criminalization of Polygamy in the UK.

To the surprise of many observers, the British politician deviated from the polygamy question by alluding that the comparison is not a sensible argument. As Mr. Dance attempts to ridicule the polygamy argument, one Twitter user commented, ”he asked you a question on polygamy and you’ve still not replied – why don’t you talk about that one too just as you’re[..] tough on the LGBTQ+ bill….”

Sam also noticed Sep’s deviation from the question and further challenges him on the subject, “ You see how quick you retreat from the question of science and logic in your criminalization of Polygamy? Shows how weak your argument is.” 

The Ghanaian lawmaker equally enlightened Seb Dance on the issue of colonial legacy, which the British politician tried to use as an argument against the bill: “ An arcane colonial legacy is you holding on to the vestiges of colonial economic suppression of the African continent. You should be ashamed,” Sam wrote.

 The Colonial Legacy argument

It is very often to hear western liberals and Pro-LGBTQ+ activists telling Africans that their views on same-sex and sex-change is a result of colonial indoctrination that must be decolonized. However, many Africans deemed such an argument as condescending. The ‘colonial legacy’ argument on same-sex insinuates that Africans do not know their history or are void of self-knowledge.

A few years back, former British PM Theresa May told a group of African leaders at the Commonwealth conference that Britain  “deeply regrets” for its role in enacting anti-gay laws on the continent. Such has angered many Africans who accused the PM of misplaced priority because Britain has committed so many grave atrocities on the continent that resulted in an uncountable loss of lives. Still, she chooses to issue an apology on sexuality choices while ignoring centuries of crimes against Africans.

Recently, many African social scientists and writers debunked the ‘colonial legacy’ argument. According to them, same-sex lifestyle was actually a taboo on the continent even before colonialism. However, African societies did not have written same-sex laws, but the indigenous cultures speak against it. Many African cultures discourage the practice in many different ways such as traditional counseling methods, rite to manhood, arranged marriages etc. The ‘rite to manhood’ is a common practice that teaches boys to embrace their masculinity but also discourages feminization.

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