Ghanaians in rage about Sex Education Program in school curriculum

The world is evolving and there is a need to teach children what they ought to know with regards to sex and sexuality. This we believe will not only enable them understand their reproductive system but will equally enable them make informed choices.

UN and government official receives grave backlash from Ghanaians after recently proposing a Comprehensive Sexuality Education program in school curriculum even after confirming that the curriculum had no explicit LGBT + content.

During a recent press conference, Ghana’s education minister urged people to check the facts and refrain from arguing on an ignorant point of view. The curriculum has not yet being implemented and he also made an assurance that it won’t compromise national values.

“They think it’s all based on foreign influence. That’s the issue,” said Niyi Ojuolape, country representative for the U.N. Population Fund in Ghana, emphasizing that the curriculum was designed by Ghanaians with the local context in mind. “The curriculum does not include LGBT issues explicitly, but of course LGBT issues are human rights, so we talk about the rights of the individual to determine what they want to do,” he added.

In a world where sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, gender-based violence (GBV) and gender inequality are the order of the day, Comprehensive Sexuality Education plays a huge role in preparing young people’s minds for a safe, productive, fulfilling life for their own well-being.

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