Ghanaians stage a non-partisan campaign against bad leadership

A considerable number of Ghanaians have taken to social media to stage a non-partisan protest against bad leadership in the country with the hashtag #FixTheCountry. So far the hashtag is trending number one on Twitter Ghana.

The campaign which has drawn the attention of celebrities and influential people in the country has so far gathered over four hundred thousand (400,000) tweets with several posts on Instagram and Facebook as well. According to the protesters, all they are calling for is responsible leadership and a better life.

The campaigners are posting the hashtag #FixTheCountry along with images of the various concerns they think the government needs to address. So far, it has been successful and they are not stopping any time soon.

One sector which dominates the protest is the mining sector where they are pushing for an end to illegal mining known in local parlance as “Galamsey” which has depleted forest reserves and polluted water bodies. They are demanding prompt action from the government.

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Consistent power outage known in Ghana as “Dumsor” has equally been another area stressed upon in the protest; currently, the country is facing some challenges in power supply. Load shedding timetables have been released notifying areas of when their lights will go off. This has affected businesses as well as individuals, hence the frustration.

Additionally, the cost of living in the country has been another major area targeted by the protestors; currently, fuel prices have been increased, transport is set to go up in few days time, prices of goods and services have also skyrocketed.

Ghanaian actor, Michael Blackson who joined the campaign expressed worry over the fact that, the price of a house in Ghana is more expensive than in Atlanta whilst Ghanaian workers are paid lesser than workers in Atlanta. This has triggered numerous responses from his 5 Million Instagram followers.

Poor roads, some schools under trees, poor health facilities among others has been some of the areas equally dominating the campaign. You can follow the hashtag #FixTheCountry on Twitter to see what is ongoing. Do you think an online protest can make African leaders listen to their subjects? Let’s talk.

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