Ghana’s annual Masquerade festival records massive turnout

The 2021 version of the annual masquerade festival called “Ankos” which is celebrated predominantly by the people of Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana has recorded a massive turnout. Thousands of people from home and abroad have paraded on the principal streets in commemoration of the grand event.

The crowed was segmented into several Masquerade groups with unique identities. Each grouping having a vibrant band drumming and trumpeting relatable local songs to entertain the crowd as they showcase their well-rehearsed dance moves.

Whilst the crowd moves along, first timers take the opportunity to learn the leg moves, typical to the festival. The Ankos dance is a beautiful thing to behold. According to the locals, months to the event are used to prepare the costumes, carefully selected local songs and their dance moves.

The festival is celebrated in December annually. What gives the Ankos its unique attraction is the beautiful display of indigenous culture and art. On the day of the festival, different groups of people throng the streets, parading as masquerades in colorful costumes, whilst displaying beautiful dance moves to the admiration of the general public.

Apart from the display of culture and art, Ankos help strengthen family and social bonds as natives who travel out of the region mostly return home to connect with relatives and also join the event.

Economically, the city benefits from the festival as the visitors patronize hotel facilities, food items and also visit the numerous tourist sites in the region prior and after the festivities. Have you ever experienced the Ankos? Tell us what you think about it.

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