Global Summits Attended By African Leaders; A Blessing or A Curse?

For diplomatic reasons, African leaders have for the past years been summoned by the US, JAPAN, CHINA, BRITISH, GERMANY, FRANCE with the latest being RUSSIA and the rest expected to follow soon. The overriding subject for these meetings hovers around creating a “good” relationship between these states and Africa for development reasons, which at the end of the day, boils down to the commitment of our resources in one way or the other. In actual fact, that has always been the hidden focus.

I must state clearly that, there is nothing wrong with genuine diplomacy but when the basics for such is wrong, the purpose for its establishment will never be achieved. African leaders have been attending such summits for decades but the pressing issues ranging from poverty eradication, industrialization, health-related issues, social stability among many others, which are mostly face subjects for discussion remains same affront these so-called productive meetings.

It makes one wonder if such meetings are really meant to address the core issues or just formality and funfair. Instead of leading conversations that are rich in transformational ideas and void of money, most African leaders only return from these summits with huge loan arrangements to burden the continent after wasting the resources of their respective nations on plane tickets, expensive hotels, and extravagant lifestyles abroad. At worst, majority of them end up sleeping during these meetings.

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One thing we need to understand Is that, if such arrangements that allows just a single country to move a whole continent around makes any sense in terms of development, Africa would have gone pass its numerous problems after meeting all these giants since the nineties. These summits are not producing results and we have to compel our leadership to re-strategize or quit completely.

The supposed party that is perceived to be the one who needs help the most in these arrangements is Africa. That is the general perception undeniably but in reality, we give the most. We cannot sit on resources and be moved around in wasteful ventures. Anyone who wants to transact business with Africa should come to Africa. Even if nothing fruitful comes out from such meetings, our hotels will make some money, African products will be purchased and tourist sites will equally rake in some revenue. It must not be a one-way venture.

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