Guinea Coup: Alpha Conde’s outgoing ministers booed at the People’s Palace

Earlier today, it was reported that Guinea’s military coupist summoned Alpha Conde’s cabinet ministers to a mandatory meeting.

According to a statement reported on National TV, those who refuse to adhere to the September 6th summons would be considered as rebels.

 The coup leader, Col Mamady Doumbouya told Conde’s ministers that there would be no witch-hunt against former officials.

However, a video shared by local media shows what appeared to be Conde’s ministers walking with security forces as members of the public chanted and booed them. In the video, security forces are seen providing protections to the outgoing officials from the angry public

Whilst ECOWAS and the African Union condemns the coup, a series of videos in reports from local media outlets show scores of people trooping to the streets in support of Colonel Doumbouya and his military team for successfully ousting the 83-year-old.

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