Guinea coup: Colonel Mamady Doumbouya retires nearly 1000 soldiers from the army

Since the military coup which saw the removal of Guinea’s Alpha Conde from power, the country’s military has seen some drastic measures initiated by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya who is the interim president.

In a recent move, Doumbouya has announced that, a decision has been taken to retire close to 1000 soldiers. According to him, the said soldiers deserve to take a rest after their service to the country over the years.

“After having loyally served Guinea, nearly a thousand military personnel will enjoy their right to a deserved retirement,” Doumbouya who is currently the transitional president of the Werst African country said.

In Sunday’s announcement, the colonel, now interim President said the demand for retirement “must in no way be considered as a punishment” but a well-deserved one.

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This decision came at the backdrop of an earlier order by decree, issued by Doumbouya demanding the immediate retirement of some military generals and other admirals. Similar to the statement accompanying the current retirement order, Doumbouya said the enlisted officers “are required to exercise their right to retirement.”

A total of 42 generals and two admirals were affected by the initial retirement order. Among the victims is General Sekouba Konate, who is known to have taken part of a transitional government in the past. One major general Mohamed Bangoura has also been identified as one of the retirees. Apart from the army, some top officers in the police force were equally included.

Security experts say the military leader is aiming at overhauling the army by targeting soldiers recruited by Alpha Conde to promote his interest whilst critics say the move is a mere victimization. Do you side with the experts or the critics?

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