Guinea coup: Doumbouya appoints Mohamed Beavogui as civilian Prime Minister

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the military leader of Guinea Conakry has appointed Mohamed Beavogui as the civilian Prime Minister as part of processes to transition the country back to constitutional rule after the removal of Alpha Conde in last month’s coup.

Responding to his new position, Beavogui said “the important thing, once again, is to build the foundations for change. The justice system, the administration that is needed so that, on the one hand, the political party takes place in the best conditions, and that the best candidate wins in the elections at the end. We are here, as the president said, to serve, to create these conditions and to leave.”

According to reports, Beavogui served at the U.N. Undersecretary-General in charge of the Pan-African Risk Management Mutual in New York. He also served in the U.N.’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and Food and Agriculture Organization.

Doumbouya and his military Junta earlier issued a charter which according to them will guide the governance of the West African country for the transitional period until an election is held to choose a democratic leader. In the charter, a provision was made for the position of a civilian prime minister as has been fulfilled by Doumbouya.

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Apart from that portfolio, the said charter which bars members of the junta from running in either national or local elections, which will be organised at the end of the transition period also established an 81-member National Transitional Council.

This council will serve as the interim parliament. Membership of the council will span across different organized groups in the country. Representatives will be chosen from political parties, youth leaders, security forces, trade unions, business leaders among others.

The junta’s charter has also made provisions for at least 30% of women to be included in the total of 81 members of the transitional council which will then be mandated to determine the period of the transition. The charter provides that, the transitional period “will be set down by joint agreement among the living forces of the nation.”

According to the governing structure, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya who was sworn in recently remains the interim President for the transitional period with the newly appointed Mohamed Beavogui as the civilian prime minister. The structure equally made provisions for a cabinet and two vice-presidents

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