Guinea Coup: Doumbouya snubs ECOWAS, says Guinea can solve its own problems internally

Since the coup which saw the removal of Alpha Conde from power, West Africa’s regional bloc, the Economic Community of West African states (ECOWAS) has been deploying special envoys to negotiate with the Junta for a possible return of the west African country to constitutional rule.

The negotiation seems to be hitting a rock as the Junta leader, Mamady Doumbouya who doubles as the current interim president has told ECOWAS and others that, his country has what it takes to handle its own affairs without any external influence.

In a recent televised statement, Doumbouya said, “I think we are intelligent enough to solve our problems together,” adding that, “We just want to solve our problems internally.”

He further added that, “this is not a country that is in crisis, it is a country that is in the process of taking its destiny into its own hands… If there was a crisis here, then a special envoy could be dispatched.”

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Political thinkers relate the recent position of Doumbouya who has since been cooperating with ECOWAS as a response to the numerous sanctions and visits the junta is inundated with.

Guinea has been at the receiving end of many ECOWAS sanctions since the coup. Initially, the membership of the country was suspended by ECOWAS. This was followed by individual financial and travel bans received by the Junta members and their relatives.

Meanwhile, Doumbouya ruled out a possibility of any member of the Junta running for office in a civilian administration if power is handed over to the people. However, he is yet to declare a date for elections to be held.

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