Guinea Coup: I condemned the coup, the military ‘should get out’ – President Museveni to the coupist

President Museveni of Uganda recently had an interview with FRANCE 24 and was asked to give his opinion on the military coup in Guinea but as expected, the long-term president vehemently condemned the coupist.

President Museveni, who came to power through an armed struggle 35 years ago, believes that military coups are part of Africa’s problem: “It is unfortunate, a step backward; those military coups…we had them in the 1960’s and they were part of Africa’s problems. So I condemn the coup, those coups are not the solution” Musveni told FRANCE 24.

Museveni further stated that the coupist ‘should get out’ because they are not the solution to problems facing the country. The Ugandan president also agreed that the African Union should sanction the military in Guinea, if they did not relinquish power.

When questioned about his own overstay in power and if there is a possibility that one day he would leave the stage; Museveni replied, “This is not a theatre of acting scene one, scene two; this is a struggle for destiny of the people of Uganda and Africa. We have a reason why we have to fight and be in politics – it is those reasons that determine what we do”.

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