Guinea: Junta dismisses head of Central Bank, freezes account of Alpha Conde’s collaborators

Since the Alpha Conde administration was overthrown with the transitional government established, Guinea’s junta headed by Colonel Doumbouya has been taking drastic measures to overhaul major sectors of the country. His pattern of selection has been seen by political analysts as a deliberate attempt to remove the loyalists of the ousted President, Alpha Conde.

Earlier on, the Junta retired close to 1,000 security officers including senior officers who served under the Conde administration. In this recent move, the country’s strongman has dismissed the head of the Central Bank who has served the sector for the past ten years.

In addition, two other vice governors identified as Baïdy Aribot and Madjou Sow were equally dismissed with three new people recruited to occupy their vacant positions. This tough measure follows the creation of the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offences (CRIEF) to deal with corruption.

The Junta has not provided full detail on his dismissal but allegiance to Conde and mismanagement have been the generally held position. Prior to his dismissal, the Central Bank head was instructed to freeze accounts of Alpha Conde’s key collaborators and also public service accounts. He has been replaced with a young economist identified as Karamo Kaba.

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