Guinea’s Referendum: Guinean Protesters in Gambia vandalized the office of Guinea’s consulate

Guinean President, Alpha Conde announced plans in December to replace the country’s constitution through referendum, a move that many critics say will allow him to rule beyond the current two terms limit. Guinea constitution required the 81-year-old Conde to step down after his final term which will expire later this year but the proposed draft document on term limit is designed to allow him to run for reelections.

Many Guineans believe his intention is to stay in power for another term. Despite the Guinean government banning public protest, over the past years, opposition parties across the country have organized weekly demonstrations to oppose the proposed referendum. It is unclear what role the country’s institutions like the legislative body and the constitutional court will play in blocking Conde’s bid for another term.

Guinean’s are evidently frustrated and angered by the move of the President. However, the determination to put more pressure on the government remains afresh. Guinea’s politics is divided by ethnicity and politician often manipulate this division for political gain.

Alpha Conde’s RPG party is dominated by the Malinke (Mandingo) tribe, while the opposition leader draws support from his own Fulani community.

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Angry Guinean Protesters in The Gambia vandalized the Guinea Embassy

Angry opposition Guineans in The Gambia on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, attacked and vandalized the Guinea Embassy in Banjul. Staff of the embassy escaped the angry mob, abandoning the Embassy premises including the ambassador himself, who reportedly sustained some injuries as a result of the spontaneous protest.

The Gambian Police arrested a dozen of demonstrators who are currently under detention. The Gambia is home to many Guineans.  The Gambia government is yet to make any official statement about the attack in the Guinean consulate.

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