African politicians attended a conference on Liberalism hosted by The African Liberal Network

During the height of the political struggle between the West and the East, Africa’s political spectrum was equally divided between different foreign political ideologies. The struggle of forming an alliance between these competing groups and the adversaries that come with it has created a lot of instability and drawbacks throughout the continent for decades. 

In recent times, more young Africans are calling for full adoption of Pan-African ideologies throughout the continent because many believe that a political and social ideology centered on African values is the only solution to salvage the continent of Africa from outside influence and usher in a prosperous beginning.

The dream of implementing Pan-African political ideologies is still taking a baby step and this due to the fact that foreign political views are still a dominant force on the continent. Today, Western Liberalism is a powerful force that takes over Western Europe and is quickly making a strong foothold on the continent. The African Liberal Network, a branch of Liberal International is located in South Africa and one of its objectives is to permeate the liberal ideologies throughout the continent.

The group currently has 47 members across 30 African countries and part of its vision is to see a continent where every person will fulfil their “truest expression of themselves”. Today, July 29th, the group just ended a virtual conference attended by a few African politicians including the President of Seychelles, Wave Ramkalawan and Cellou D Diallo, the opposition leader in Guinea Conakry.

Posted on his facebook wall, Cellou Dalein Diallo announced that, “ I am pleased to have participated alongside Seychelles’ President[..] at the video conference held at the launch of the Manual Initiatie, Plan and Manage coalitions”. Referring to the conference, Mr. Diallo stated that the coalition of liberal politicians, “must bring together political parties that share the same values, vision and are therefore able to govern together by policies based on these shared values”. 

However, to govern an African state based on liberal values would be tedious since Western Liberal values are centered on individualism which is a dichotomy to core African values of communal life. Moreover, Western liberal ideologies were formulated based on the structures and values of western societies which might find it difficult to work in a non-western society.

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