“Hands off Ethiopia”: Outrage as ex-NATO and US navy calls for foreign troops to be sent to Ethiopia

James Stavridis, a retired U.S. Navy and former supreme allied commander of NATO has sparked outrage with his call for foreign troops to be deployed to Ethiopia in a recent publication themed: “Ethiopia’s civil war is a problem U.S troops can help solve.”

James outlined some reasons, stressing on the interest of the United States in the region where the African Union headquarters is located. According to him, Reuben Brigity, a former U.S. ambassador to the African Union said during a recent discussion on Ethiopia that, “Instability in Ethiopia will impact myriad U.S. interests in the region and beyond from counterterrorism and trade to countering China and promoting democracy.”

The opinion article which was published on Bloomberg has attracted lots of criticisms from concerned Africans, speaking mainly against the consequences of the deployment of foreign soldiers into Ethiopia and the roll-out of what was termed “neocolonial” plots.

Among the critics is, Jeff Pearce, a historian who wrote on twitter that, “Oh, look, James Stavridis, the ex-Navy guy pushing for U.S. troops in Ethiopia, just happens to be mobbed up with the Fletcher School and Tufts University. Same operation as Alex de Waal. Tell us again how we’re all imagining the neo-colonialist ganging up on an African nation.”

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“We need to finally make this into a true Pan-African struggle. Mess with Ethiopia, you mess with the whole continent sort of thing. Because you can be sure they will try to pull this stuff again and again and again” he added.

Some critics held the view that, uninvited foreign intervention will not only amount to a compromise of national autonomy but may also escalate the crisis between Ethiopia and the rebel groups.

Others slammed the African Union for its weak role in Ethiopia, creating room for the promotion of foreign interest in Africa. “The US seem to be more concerned than the AU which actually has a headquarters in Ethiopia,” a commentator identified as Salesh said. What do you think of the call for the intervention of the United States in Ethiopia?

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