Here Are the Causes of the Beef between Nigeria and South Africa!

The most recent wake of Xenophobia in South Africa left the world once again stunned over the conduct of the former Apartheid State. However, those who almost certainly gathered much focused on the foreigners been attacked were Nigerians.
This was not the first time Nigeria and South Africa has gotten into bitter relationship because of the conduct of the latter.

Historically, Nigeria was a chair leader in the struggle against the oppression of the people of South Africa. Nigeria not only financially support the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) later to be called African National Congress (ANC), but it also offered more than 300 passports to South Africans escaping prosecution during the struggle, including an asylum to Nelson Mandela. For these reasons among many, one would have thought the two economic giants of Africa were going to be best of friends but it all recently seems to have encountered the contrary.

Below are some of the causes of the gripe between South Africa Nigeria.

Laziness: South Africans are generally viewed in the continent as lazy people, thanks to the long effects of apartheid that almost reduced black South Africans the great rainbow nation to nearly, mere spectators. Nigerians, on the contrary, are the machines of the continent (not without their odds). They are the China of Africa, and thus present everywhere on the continent in their numbers. This results in them taking over the Jobs of lazy South Africans in the Rainbow Nation.

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Women Affair: You will be surprised to note that Nigerian men in South Africa a favorite among the women. They have the ability to command attention and love to spend on women contrary to their host thus making them favorite. Many South Africa men are jealous of this…

Corruption: Nigerians anywhere are Nigerians everywhere! Nigeria is generally viewed as the capital city of corruption. This unfortunate but true trademark reflects the true character of many Nigerians across the world. They are mostly engaged in dubious, fraudulent and corrupt activities. For these reasons, they are always found among major criminal cases in South Africa. South Africans thus view them as a threat especially related to drug cases and organized crimes. This inflicts a sense of insecurity among South Africans.

Economy: As it stands, with an estimated population of 200 million, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa boasting of $376.284bn in GDP. The closest competitor is South Africa with a GDP of $349.299bn margin; South Africa is the second-largest economy in the continent. The economic status of both Nations has been yet another round of battle for supremacy.

Yellow Fever-HIV and Aid Saga: In 2012, a diplomatic snag broke out between the two countries following the deportation of 125 Nigerians by South Africa on the claims of “fake” Yellow fever certificate. Nigeria responded by deporting 84 South Africans mostly businessmen, Nigerian public branded them as HIV infected persons. This row also remains at the center of the battle between the two nations.

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