Home-Sick Jammeh says he’s only taking a vacation and will return home anytime he wants

“Apart from God nobody can take me out of The Gambia”- Yahya Jammeh

WhatsApp audio released by the APRC party, ex-president Jammeh vowed to return to The Gambia.

This comes just a few weeks following a previous leaked WhatsApp audio from Ousman ‘Rambo’ Jatta, the 1st deputy leader of the former ruling party, Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) revealing plans for demonstration for the return of former autocratic leader Yahya AJJ Jammeh.

Jammeh allowed himself to be recorded via a WhatsApp call, where he endorsed the planned protest.
The exiled former Gambian leader contested that “The fact of the matter is to get to the authorities through protest and make it clear to them that the agreement must be implemented” reference to a joint communique that was signed by UN, AU, ECOWAS and the current administration of President Barrow before his (Jammeh’s) departure.

There have been several misleading reports over the “agreement” the former President had with UN, AU and ECOWAS before his departure in the 2016 election crises.

Stressing on when he will actually return to The Gambia, Jammeh said, “I told Gambians how long I will be out, I will not go into details, I’m on leave.”

Many commentators opined that nothing can guarantee the return of the exiled leader in The Gambia perhaps death. However, Jammeh tells Gambians he’s on vacation, will return back whenever he wants.

The Barrow administration through its spokesperson of The Gambia government, Dr. Ebrima G. Sankareh have for several instances dismissed rumors of the return of former President Yahya Jammeh to the country or any deal between the current President and Jammeh.

President Jammeh still maintains strong support at home, despite his party losing majority seats in parliament to long-time rival, the United Democratic Party. The latest audio from Jammeh has sparked social media ridicule over the former President, with many commenting that Jammeh is homesick. The exiled president sent dozens of Gambians into exile when he was in power.
His future is still blur, as the Barrow administration established Truth and Reparation and Reconciliation Commission (TRRC) continues to look into the human rights violation committed under the 22-year rule of Mr. Jammeh, amid pressure from Ghana seeking justice for 44 Ghanaians allegedly killed by Jammeh.

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